What Others Say About Us

What Others Say About Us

“It has been my privilege over the years to observe and participate with Youth With A Mission on numerous projects around the world. Their focus on evangelism is always great. YWAM has a tremendous team of dedicated servants of the Lord and I always marvel at how God has been able to use them in so many strategic areas of the world.”
Franklin GrahamPresident and CEO, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association


“YWAM has been an incredible inspiration to thousands of people around the world–refreshing the parts other ministries cannot reach.”
Martin SmithFormer Vocalist of Delirious?, England, UK


“We all rejoice in the way God has blessed this organization in reaching people all over the world for the Lord Jesus Christ. Keep up the good work. You have my support and my prayers. ”
Billy GrahamEvangelist, Author, Retired from Billy Graham Evangelistic Association 2005


“I am a big believer in the roaring lambs philosophy of showing our faith through our actions, not just our words. That’s what I admire about YWAM–they take this philosophy worldwide!”
Michael W. SmithContemporary Christian Musician


“YWAM’s training schools and short-term outreach programs have provided opportunities for thousands of young people who were raised in our affluent society to experience the reality of life in other parts of the world. Through these experiences, the students have found a greater understanding of the breadth of God’s love, and many have committed their lives to church ministry or missionary work. I am grateful for their influence on the youth of American culture and around the world.”
Dr. Dallas Willardlate author and Professor of Philosophy, University of Southern California


“The influence of YWAM and the leadership of Loren Cunningham, in character and constancy, has been, under God’s grace, one of the most determinative factors in bringing about the global Church’s renewal and impact in the last half of the 20th century.”
Dr. Jack W. HayfordFounding Pastor, The Church On The Way; Chancellor, The King’s University


“Whenever I’m traveling and speaking internationally and meet high-committed, servant-oriented Christian leaders, I think to myself, ‘Another YWAMer!’ I’m rarely mistaken. I am so grateful for the work of YWAM and for the intensity with which you do it.”
Bill HybelsFounder and Senior Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church


“I thank and praise our wonderful Lord for the world impact YWAM has had in helping to fulfill the Great Commission. Loren Cunningham along with the leadership and staff of YWAM has always been a great inspiration and blessing to me and it has been a great joy and privilege to work alongside them for the gospel. Their faith, boldness and zeal for our dear Lord have been a significant factor in this greatest-of-all-time spiritual harvests for Christ’s kingdom in the past 40 years.”
Dr. Bill Brightlate Founder and President, Campus Crusade for Christ International


“I consider them [YWAM] to be the most effective mission organization.”
Dr. Jim EngelFounder, Center for Organizational Excellence

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