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Joshua Generation Leadership Training. Summer missions 2017. Trip to Boston

There is a generation rising up, unsatisfied with mediocrity. They know walking with God holds so much more. That our world desperately needs the powerful message of Jesus. And they are responding.

Since 1995, thousands of young people have responded to God’s call through Joshua Generation. Will you be one of them?



Joshua Generation (JG) is a short-term youth leadership and outreach initiative designed to challenge, train and equip you to know God and to make Him known. From around the world, Jesus-followers will gather for this two week program to see God work deeply in and through them. You will never be the same!

The JG program consists of two phases, the leadership training and the outreach.

For stateside trips there will be a 7 day training followed by a 7 day, multi-cultural outreach.

For overseas trips there will be a 4 day training followed by a 12 day outreach.


PHASE 1: Leadership Training

This is a time for you to discover the intimate relationship God desires to share with you, as you also share Him with others. There will be daily worship, devotions, personal time with Jesus, dynamic teachings, trainings on how to share our faith, sports, games and down time with new friends. Our trained and dedicated missionary staff will equip you to effectively share the Gospel, answer hard questions and connect with the hearts of those we'll meet.


PHASE 2: Outreach

This adventure continues as you see God work through your life on the streets. Having been given the tools and support you’ll need to see lives changed by yours, you'll be ready to head out to neighborhoods, plazas, parks, rec. centers, etc. Using a mix of sports, drama, dance, kids programs, cosmetology and most importantly conversation, you will see people come to Jesus. Be healed physically, emotionally and from addictions. You will see God move like never before. It's even better than you can imagine.


We invite you to join us this summer for the two weeks that will make you a world changer and a leader for future generations. You ready?...


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